Neil Enterprises Create Your Own Photo Snow Globe

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Watch this video to see how to insert your own design: How to insert your own base design: Turn the snow globe upside down Line up the black latches on the bottom over the small latch openings Pull out the black plastic Remove the existing base designs and insert your own Replace the black base and move the latches so it lock in place To insert your photo: Put one hand on the globe portion and one hand on the base Wiggle and pull the base until it loosens and comes apart Flip the globe upside down to insert your own photos Keep the clear sleeve inside the globe to hold your photos in place Replace the base squeeze together to secure Your snow globe is now ready to shake and display! This do-it-yourself snow globe is the ultimate personalized gift. Design your own base and slip in a favorite photo to create a completely custom, unique snow globe. To insert your own photo the base of the snow globe pulls off. If you're having trouble, try wiggling the base as you pull it. It is recommended that you leave the clear piece of plastic inside the globe to hold your photos in place.