Graduation Gift Personalized Jewelry Box Engraved Glass Keepsake for High School Graduate Or College Grad Class of 2019 Daughter, Granddaughter, Girl, Friend J Devlin Box 898 EB217-3 (Windsor Blue)

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Personalized graduation gifts make lifetime keepsakes. Do you need a graduation gift for her? The Class of 2019 are about to walk into their future. Give a glass jewelry box personalized for your college, high school or middle school graduate. Personalize this glass box with 3 lines of type. Lettering will be engraved and will appear in white frost on the beveled glass top. Softly textured aquamarine blue glass sides are accented with a clear crystal top and when you open the lid, you will find the iridescent glass in the bottom shimmers with color. Metal edging on the hinged lid, round ball feet and a chain on the inside that supports the top when it is open are all part of detailing you can expect on J. Devlin products. Each glass box is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans using a copper foil and solder technique developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800’s. This age-old art form combined with 21st century designs creates the perfect combination for unique home décor. All designs are J Devlin originals and exclusive. Make it even better! Customize!

Details you will appreciate - Key Product Points - How It's Constructed

green blue stained glass keepsake trinket jewelry box personalized graduation gift for girl boy

  • The metal solder has been finished with a vintage charcoal patina and waxed to keep the finish beautiful for years to come. If needed you can always buff it with a soft dry cloth.
  • Constructed using the 'Tiffany Style' developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800's
  • Lead free solder has been used to protect you and the environment
  • J DEVLIN - has been designing and manufacturing quality glass home decor since 1999. Please enjoy this exclusive and original design.

college high school middle school grad gift class of 2019 customize personalize j devlin glass art

Personalize with three lines of type. The lettering will appear in white frost on the clear beveled glass top

  • Line 1- Up to 18 Characters
  • Line 2- Up to 20 Characters
  • Line 3- Up to 18 Characters

stained glass antique vintage unique gift green aqua blue uncharted visions j devlin glass art

  • This box features aquamarine blue translucent glass sides and a clear beveled top
  • Decorative metal edging surrounds the lid of the box
  • Chain on the inside supports the lid when it is open
  • Hinged Lid

unique home decor teen girl bedroom vanity bathroom ring necklace jewelry decorative glass box


Length - 3 1/4"

Width - 3 1/4"

Heigth - 2"

About J Devlin Glass Art

J Devlin Glass Art is a family owned business with a passion for stained glass. Our designs have resulted in a broad and unique line of items including picture frames, night lights, floor lamps, table lamps, keepsake boxes, clocks, business card holders, wedding card boxes, ornaments, kaleidoscopes, trays, and vases. To personalize our art for you, we now offer many of our picture frames and keepsake boxes with engraving making these items perfect gifts for those special occasions. Many of the images used in our picture frames are enhanced with photographs from a bygone era right from the family albums. All J Devlin Glass Art products are handcrafted by glass artisans using quality materials along with US glass and lead free solder to protect you and the environment. This is an art form from the past we love, please enjoy.