Diploma Frame Auburn University School Campus Photo Graduation Graduation Gift Idea Engraved Picture Frames Engraving Large Personalized Document Graduate Graduate Degree

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Size: Diploma Size - 13 x 17

Customized engraved quality large Auburn University degree frames and certificate frames with school fisheye picture using state-of-the-art quality control techniques to display achievement. Selling a variety of deluxe wood custom college university Auburn diploma frames with campus photo image. All certificate frames are custom made to fit your diploma Auburn sizes. Auburn University diploma frame campus school photo with school image picture college picture image as a graduation gift that showcase a beautiful unique degree or certificate degree plaque. These graduation Auburn custom diploma frames can display professional certifications and degrees with a campus image. This diploma frame holder case features a beautiful Engraved Document Plaque Glossy Prestige Mahogany with Gold Accents wood moulding and school photo. The frame includes a small campus photo image approximately 1.5H x 3W. This eye-catching stunning Auburn University diploma frame makes it a unique graduation gift idea for law school, college, university, engineering, medical school, dental school, nursing graduates etc.. Includes Double-matting Top mat (Black) Inner matted (Maroon), backboard, pH balance matboards help preserve and protect your diploma, glass and hanging hardware. All certificate college frames are custom made to fit your diploma sizes. Vast selection of college degree Auburn frames to fit a bachelor, masters, mba, doctorate, juris doctor, phd, nursing etc.. degrees at cheap prices.