Custom Personalized Bronze Keychain, Engraved Initials, Anniversary Gift, Husband Wife Key Chain, Boyfriend Girlfriend Gift, Customized Couples Keychains

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This is for a single custom bronze keychain with your initials engraved on. A great gift for you and your significant other! You can order just one to give away or order 2 and each have one (don't regret not having ordered yourself one!) From the options select if you'd like to just add initials, or if you'd like to also add a date on the tag. If you select for just initials the tag will be hand stamped. If you select to also add the date the tag will be laser engraved. The tag is 1.5 inch long and 3/8 inch wide. Please note: I don't have a "plus" sign stamp, so if you leave a note with a "+" between the initials, I will stamp it with a "&". I also don't have any lower case letters. So the just initials option will be stamped upper case like it is shown in the photo. Laser engraved tags can have a plus sign and lower case. This tag is made of bronze metal and will age naturally over time to a deep antique color.